Working on Thanksgiving? 1 in 4 Americans clock in during holidays

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CLIFTON, N.J. — It’s not just big retailers pushing Black Friday deals who work hard on Thanksgiving, but blue collar workers tagging on extra hours to support their families.

“I’m young. I gotta do this now,” said Fran Morillo, who works at Community Tire Shop on Lakeview Avenue in Clifton, New Jersey. He said he’s got a 3-year-old son to support, and he plans to use some of his earnings to shop for holiday presents Friday.

Even President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he’s working hard Thursday morning.

“I am working hard, even on Thanksgiving, trying to get Carrier A.C. Company to stay in the U.S,” he said.

A small business owner just down the street in Clifton said he doesn’t mind working hard on Thanksgiving day, because he loves what he does.

“It’s one of those things where I live and breathe this,” said Luis Florencio, owner of Anarchy Barber Shop and Anarchy Wireless, a cell phone store.

"I don’t consider it like a burden.”