Tri-state Thanksgiving marked by slightly below average temps, scattered showers

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NEW YORK — Temperatures will be a bit below average and some scattered showed are expected across the tri-state area on Thanksgiving, but parade attendees and viewers can be thankful that recent gusty winds aren’t expected to make a mark on the holiday.

A cold front approaches from the west on Thursday, bringing along increasing clouds throughout the day and scattered showers across the tri-state area.

In the morning hours, there may be some light snow or sleet to start off the day, but any precipitation anywhere around the area will be isolated.

Most of the rain, expected to be only a drizzle, is anticipated for the afternoon to evening hours.

Recent gusty winds are expected to stave off Thanksgiving, allowing for a calm Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The high temperatures will stay below or around 50 degrees — which is slightly below normal for this time of year.

Black Friday will again look grey, with highs ramping up and reaching the low 50s.

And there is another chance for isolated showers.

Into the weekend, low pressure will develop offshore, keeping clouds in the area along with the cooler temps.

Expect the weather to warm-up early next week, with highs reaching the high-50s Tuesday before a big rainmaker forecast for mid-week.

PIX11’s Michael Leona contributed to this report.