Hair nightmare fixes and easy holiday styles for kids

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EDGEWATER, N.J. — Kids find themselves in the wildest hair situations. From gum in the hair and unruly tangles, to kids that decide to cut their own locks, Great Clips in Edgewater, New Jersey has the solutions.

For gum in the hair, use an oil like Great Clips Solutions anti-frizz serum or baby oil and slowly, with your fingers, pull the hair away from the gum and not the gum away from the hair.

For kids who decide to cut their own hair, you can part it to the opposite side or make the section a little bit bigger. Another option is to cut it so the length falls right below the brow. The weight of it will hold it down and it will look like a fringy bang.

For unruly tangles, spray hair with Great Clips Kids Solutions Afraid Knot Detangler and comb out from bottom to top and not top to bottom.

For easy holiday styles for girls, a quick braid or two strand twist is an easy and elegant idea.