Celebrities react to Trump’s claim that Pence was ‘harassed’ at ‘Hamilton’

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NEW YORK — From Kanye West to the cast of "Hamilton," It seems everyone has something to say about politics and presidential election.

But how much is too much and could being outspoken hit the wrong note with the public? Some say yes, but it depends on who they are appealing to. Love it or hate it, it doesn't seem like celebrities will stop sharing their opinions on politics any time soon.

Utilizing a very public platform, Brandon Victor Dixon, a member of the "Hamilton" cast on Broadway took a moment during Friday evening's show to address Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in the audience. His words were met with applause and criticism across social media.

Since that day, Pence has spoken to Fox News and said he wasn't bothered., but President-elect Donald Trump was.

Trump went into a bit of a tweeting frenzy, saying the future VP was harassed by the cast of "Hamilton" and Pence deserved an apology.

Though the Broadway stage move is being called unprecedented, what is not are celebrities, actors and entertainers alike using their voice to share their opinions.

"Every late night show talks about Donald Trump, almost every celebrity seems to talk about Donald Trump. You can't really escape it," said Entertainment Weekly's EW.com editor Chris Rosen.

Sunday night on the American Music Awards, supermodel Gigi Hadid offered an impersonation of Melania Trump, mocking Trump's accent, which many called disrespectful.

Rosen believes the comedy acts, skits and criticisms will only get worse and daily tweets and comments from the president-elect to the general public seem to provide new material every time.

The cast of "Hamilton" broke their silence Monday morning.

Dixon appeared on several morning talk shows and defended the cast's statement and timing.

"There's nothing to apologize for," Dixon told "CBS This Morning."

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