Travel with your turkey this Thanksgiving, says TSA

Posted: 11:10 AM, Nov 20, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-20 11:10:32-05

NEW YORK — Traveling for the holidays and need to take your turkey (or turducken) with you? As long as you follow transportation guidelines, you can bring your Thanksgiving dinner on your flight, according to the TSA .

Turkeys and turduckens can be packed in five pounds maximum of properly packaged dry ice in both carry-on and checked bags, according to the TSA website . As long as the ice is completely frozen when the bag goes through screening, the birds will fly.

You’re in luck when it comes to gravy too. As long as you pack your gravy in a clear, 3.4 ounce zip-top bag compliant with the TSA’s liquid policies , the gravy can travel in a carry-on bag. All other gravy must be packed in checked baggage.

Similar to turkey, vegetables can also travel with you as long as they’re on frozen, preferably dry ice. Just make sure none of the ice melts around any food items: partially melted ice packs or liquid at the bottom of any containers means that food item won’t be permitted for travel.

Other Thanksgiving dishes and desserts like bread, cakes, pies, donuts and fruits can also travel with you for the holiday. But pack your cranberry sauce in a checked bag, even if it’s canned.

Make sure all food items are sealed and secure to prevent spillage, and transport liquid or fluid items according to the TSA’s liquid policy.

And if you’re planning to imbibe, check your wine in your luggage as well.