Protesters call on colleges to support sanctuary campuses for undocumented students

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NEW YORK – Donald Trump was the focal point of protests across the country Wednesday as thousands of college students staged a walkout.

They're demanding that universities nationwide become so-called sanctuary campuses to shelter immigrants from any attempts at mass deportation.

Locally, students at schools like Columbia, NYU and Rutgers participated.

"A sanctuary campus is something that every university should stand by and hold on to, just because your immigration status it doesn't mean you shouldn't get your education," one student protester said.

The calls for sanctuary schools vary. Some protesters want their schools to publicly support undocumented students. But others have more serious demands, some want universities to refuse to cooperate with immigration rates and withhold the status of enrolled students.

Earlier this week, one Yale student disagreed with the protests.

"I think  people are largely taking it out of context what he [Trump] is capable of," he said. "I don't think there's anything to worry about."