Please have a seat: McDonald’s to offer table service at all US locations

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NEW YORK — It’s a big change at the home of the Big Mac.

In a major shift from the fast-food model it pioneered, McDonald’s announced Thursday it will be offering table service at more than 14,000 restaurants nationwide and installing more digital-order kiosks to reduce wait times.

McDonald’s didn’t give an exact timeline for the rollout in 2017, but said table service is already being tested in about 500 restaurants in New York, Florida and Southern California.

Customers will also be able to order and pay by phone starting next year.

Table-service test locations have gotten a thumbs-up from large families and groups who find it a less-stressful alternative to ordering food, finding a table and managing a group of children all at once, Business Insider reported.

Boston, Chicago, San Francisco Seattle and Washington D.C. will have table service early next year. Table service is already offered at 2,600 locations worldwide, including Canada, France and China.

The company is hoping the changes in the U.S. will improve customers’ experience. Golden Arches executives have acknowledged they have failed to keep up with changing tastes and have lost customers as a result.