‘Cold-hearted’ woman sentenced to prison for mugging 103-year-old in the Bronx

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CO-OP CITY, the Bronx — A “cowardly and cold-hearted” woman was sentenced Thursday for knocking down a legally blind 103-year-old woman and mugging her of $30, and various other items, earlier this year, according to the Office of the Bronx District Attorney.

Police are looking for this woman, who they say knocked an 103-year-old to the ground and robbed her. (NYPD)

The NYPD released this image of Sharon McNeil in April 2016, as they searched for her following the violent mugging of a 103-year-old in the Bronx.

Sharon McNeil, 53, will serve five years in prison and three years of post-release supervision, Bronx DA Darcel Clark said.

“Robbing an elderly person is cowardly and cold-hearted. The defendant now will serve a prison term for her callous actions,” Clark said.

Louise Signore, 103, was returning to her Co-op City home from a community center on April 1 when the ordeal occurred.

The legally blind woman was pushing a shopping cart and holding a handbag; which had $30, a magnifying glass, hearing air, and other items; when she was followed by McNeil.

The assailant walked into Signore’s building, waited behind a door with a window while the older woman checked her mail, then followed her up an elevator, Clark said.

McNeil then wrestled the shopping cart from the centenarian, who fell to the floor, and fled with Signore’s belongings.

The victim was left on the floor, yelling for help, according to Clark.

PIX11 spoke to Signore the day after the frightening incident.

She talked of having aches in her leg, back and hands, but otherwise remained hopeful.

“I’m gonna go out,” Signore said. “I’m not gonna stop going out, but you know, you still a little nervous.”

She added that she does “everything myself.”

When asked what kept her so up-beat, she replied, staying active.

“I danced yesterday morning.”