Wife of alleged NYPD cop killer claims judicial system failed her husband’s case

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THE BRONX -- The wife of a man involved in a shootout with police that resulted in his death, as well as the death of an NYPD sergeant, is speaking out, saying her husband was battling multiple mental illnesses and that she reached out to authorities several times prior to the incident she claims could have been prevented.

Manuel Rosales, 35, was intending to reach his estranged wife, Tia, on Nov. 4, who had left an abusive relationship a few weeks prior.

Rosales allegedly barged into a friend’s apartment in the Bronx, threatening everyone with a gun. That set off a chain of events that resulted ultimately in not only his own death, but also the death of NYPD Sergeant Paul Tuozzolo.

It all started as a hostage situation and ended in a barrage of bullets and gunfire with police.

The very next day, headlines across the city were splashed with images of an NYPD Sergeant shot and killed in the line of duty, along with images of Rosales and the label “maniac.”

While she makes no apologies for his actions, Tia Rosales, said there was more to this story.

“He should not have been out on the streets," Tia Rosales said. "In the very, very least he should have been in custody for his court dates. His history showed it, the police reports reflect he had a gun. There were no secrets. The DA had all of the information. The judge had all of the information."

In a lengthy Facebook post, Tia outlined her husband’s battle with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and what she called the systematic failures of the judicial system in the handling of her husband’s case.

She claimed she’s reached out to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office on a number of occasions, but never received a call back.

In a statement to PIX11, the District Attorney’s responded by refuting the allegations, saying instead messages were left for Tia, but their messages for never returned.

Rosales had 17 prior arrests in Suffolk County where the couple lived. Just this summer, he was charged with two felony violations of an order of protection Tia Rosales had against him and yet, despite a recommendation of a $20,000 bail, Suffolk County Judge Pierce Cohalen only set bail to $1,000 cash.