‘Only Make Believe’ gala honors Jude Law, spreads message of helping sick children through theater

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It was a British invasion on Broadway all for a great cause.

Jude Law, was honored for his work with the non-profit, Only Make Believe, which creates interactive theater for children in hospitals and care facilities

"It means an awful lot to me," Law said. "I feel like I'm a storyteller by trade and they take something that is very close to my heart, sharing stories and provoking inspiration. They show that imagination can heal, I'm a great believer in that."

'Elementary' actor, Johnny Lee Miller, his friend since they were kids was on hand for the festivities.

"We have been friends for a very long time since we were 14 years old so in order to get to see him I have to come out and pretend that he is a nice guy and say nice things about him," Miller joked. "I'm going to trying my best but it’s going to be difficult."

John Oliver hosted the evening.

"I am hoping that they are not relying on me too much so I am actually going to be the glue between the actual talent for the rest of the show," he smiled.

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Of course we had to ask him about our interesting American election.

"That is an interesting use of the word interesting, we are going to have to find out," Oliver said.

Both Miller and Law are looking forward to getting back to the New York stage.

"That’s the first thing on my list of to dos, theater," Miller said.

"I'm doing a play next year in London then I'm taking on a short European tour," Law added. "I miss it , I was just across the road there the last time I was here playing Hamlet so I feel like I'm back in my old stomping grounds."

Bon Jovi’s David Bryan and actor Josh Lucas, both big supporters of “Only Make Believe”,  rounded out the American contingent on the red carpet.

"It's such a great thing,  you've got to give back to the sick kids," Bryan said. "They’re the ones that need the extra hugs."

"It's as good as it gets," Lucas smiled. "It's pure joy!"

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