Dozens arrested in NYC for protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

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TRIBECA, Manhattan – Dozens protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, 12,000 miles of pipe that would transfer oil from North Dakota to Illinois, were arrested Tuesday night.

The 2,000-person protest that originated in Foley's Square was part of national day of action calling on leaders to take the streets one week after the presidential election. The protests were meant to show solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe, which says its drinking water and cultural sites will be threatened if the pipeline is constructed.

The NYPD said at least 39 people were arrested in act of a civil disobedience for blocking traffic - near the US Army Corps of Engineers Office in TriBeCa.

"A number of people decided to take part in civil disobedience and sit down on the street and were duly arrested," one protester said. "This was all staged."

"This was part of a coordinated day of action across the nation to terminate the Dakota Access Pipeline," another said.

Demonstrations are expected to continue through the night.

Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners and a subsidiary asked the court on Tuesday to let them lay pipe under a Missouri River reservoir. On Monday, the Army Corps of Engineers said in a statement it needs more analysis and discussion with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe before construction can begin.