Arnold helps travel agency get $43K back from tour company

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NEW YORK — Michael Ross, Managing Director of ImagineAsia, a New Jersey based travel agency, contacted What a Shame at PIX11 hoping we could help him collect the money he’s owed.

Ross sells both retail and wholesale travel packages. One of the companies he sells to is IsramWorld of Travel, based in Manhattan.

Ross says IsramWorld “bought travel services from my company for their clients. They collected the money from the clients but they never paid me for those travel services.”

Ross says IsramWorld owed him $43,191.36. He’s been trying to collect for more than a year.

“Phone calls do not get returned. Emails do not get answered.” After Ross contacted us, we went with him to the offices of IsramWorld of Travel, where we found the company

President, Richard Kreiger. He told me “I’ll speak with you in just a second if you don’t mind. “ I said “Ok, because Michael says you owe him some money and you said you were going to pay him and you haven’t paid. “ Kreiger replied, “Yeah, yeah, for sure. Just give me a minute and we’ll sit with you.”

A little while later, Kreiger told me he had to move some money around in order to pay Michael.

Kreiger asked me if he paid Ross, would PIX11 promise not to broadcast the story? I said no, but it would look a lot better for his company if he did pay up. A few minutes later, we were asked to leave the offices of IsramWorld.

It wasn’t long before Michael Ross emerged from the building with a smile on his face and two checks in his hand. “Success”, he said. One check was for $20,000, cashable immediately. The other was for the remaining balance, $23,000, cashable a week later.

“Thank you so much, Arnold”, said Ross, “I couldn’t have imagined in my dreams in would go as well as it did. You’re amazing.”

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