Battle for New York City: de Blasio pledges to stand up to Trump

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NEW YORK – President-elect Donald Trump promised a lot of things on campaign trail, including deporting illegal immigrants and reinstating stop-and-frisk. But two top New York officials have pledged to stand up to Trump.

"The federal government doesn't get to tell us how to police our streets," Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Hot 97 radio Monday. "They can threaten to take away money, but they cannot tell us how to police our streets. We are not going back to a broken policy of stop-and-frisk. That will never happen on my watch."

Mayor de Blasio also has said he will refuse to comply with Trump's proposal to deport undocumented immigrants. Hundreds of thousands live in New York, a so-called sanctuary city.

Immediately after the election, the mayor said the city would not tear families apart.

"We stand behind lady liberty with open arms, to welcome immigrants and refugees," de Blasio said.

Trump has threatened withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities. New York gets more than $200 million in federal anti-terrorism funding.

New Yorker Denyanarha Moravekar said he hopes the local and federal governments can work together.

"I guess both governments should work together and sort out whatever issues that they have," Moravekar said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has also pledged to fight the incoming administration. He wrote on twitter this past weekend, "For our values, for our vision of America, for the people who depend on us, we will fight."