2017 New York City taxi driver calendar is officially out

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The 2017 New York City calendar is officially out.

The year’s pin up features 12 of the city’s sauciest yellow cab drivers — including the return of some of our favorites like “Mr. August,” also known as William.

The calendar is the brain child of Phil and Shannon Kirkman. The Brooklyn couple launched this a few years back to help raise money for the non-profit, University Settlement, which serves immigrant and working families.

In this issue, there’s special cameo appearance from Lucy, the sexy puppet from Broadway’s Tony Award-winning musical, “Avenue Q.” You can find her with Joe in June.

To date, the calendar has raised nearly $55,000 in donations.

The calendar is available for $14.99 at www.nyctaxicalendar.com and a portion of each calendar sale will go to non-profit University Settlement.