Howard gets refund for expensive dress

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FLATLANDS, Brooklyn -- Leiroze Mizrahi needed a dress for her brother’s wedding this past June.

So she went to Lestan Fashion on Ralph Avenue in Flatlands, Brooklyn. She’d known of the place since she was a kid.

“They told me no problem. I had to order it today. It must be today. You’ll have the dress in time.”

A week before the wedding, still no dress. Leiroze threatens to charge back her credit card. The store reassures her.

“The dress will be here when it will be here. There’s a problem with the manufacturer.”

Leiroze gets a call. The dress will arrive the day before the wedding. That won’t work. Leiroze goes to another store to buy the same dress. Keep in mind she’s already paid for the first one.

So…here we are five months later. Leiroze never got the dress from Lestan and never got a refund. So she contacted me.

We went over to Lestan. The ladies in the store were very nice. But they put me on the phone with someone named Tammy. Tammy quickly called Leiroze “psychotic” and we were off to the races.

Tammy claimed Leiroze failed to pick up the dress. But eventually she agreed to a refund. She said it was to get Leiroze out of the store.

She didn’t trust me to pick it up. But sure enough, two days later, she came through just as she said she would, crediting Leiroze’s charge card.