Hillary Clinton receives 1,200 roses from supporters, distributes them to campaign staff

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NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton received a special delivery of 1,200 roses to her New York home, which she then handed out to her campaign staff during goodbye party held at the Brooklyn campaign headquarters Friday.

Clinton’s campaign staff were greeted to a table filled with 1,200 long-stemmed roses Friday night. A photo was posted on Twitter by digital director Jenna Lowenstein.

Clinton later explained during a speech that the roses were sent to her Chappaqua, New York residence after her loss in Tuesday’s election to Donald Trump. It was later revealed that the gift was from women’s rights group UltraViolet.

Clinton told the crowd to grab a rose on a way out and said it was a thank you, but also represented a symbol of hope.

“Think about the hope that it represents and the love that so many people around the country have for all of us because that’s what it really comes down to,” Clinton said at the party.

“Tonight it’s really my chance to say thank you, thank you for everything you have done for me, for our common mission, our campaign that I am so proud of.”

This isn’t the only way Clinton supporters have been saying thank you to the Democratic candidate. Earlier in the week, kids were writing “thank you” notes along the sidewalk outside the campaign headquarters.

“Thank you,” they wrote. “Love trumps hate.”