Weather-proof your beauty routine and look your best any season

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Are the changes in weather and the approaching holiday season giving you the beauty blahs?   Are you falling prey to dry hair, dull skin and can't seem to look your best?   Beauty and style expert Susan Redstone shares a few solutions.


Problem: DRY SKIN on BODY

Solution: New thinking is about getting moisture absorbed while you're wet! No rinsing required!

Apply while wet, towel dry as usual.

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer  $10.99

TIP: Take shorter cooler showers


Problem:  DULL SKIN on FACE

Solution: Change up your night cream. Shortcut your bedtime routine - just one product (combo anti-ageing and moisture).

Black pearl essence (yup!) enables skin to hold moisture. AVON Anew Supreme Advanced Performance Creme $50

TIP: Skin gets used to your products, change it up!



Solutions: Eat/drink your way beautiful AND/OR try the latest tool. (Try both).

NeoCell Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex $24.99 and Biotin Bursts $14.99 at GNC/Vitamin Shoppe

"Me Bright" red LED light wave tool for boosting collagen and elastic around eyes $129

TIP: Attack from all sides! Adjust your supplements for the season to aid beauty tools.



Solution: Don't just change up your shampoo/conditioner. Add a category not used much: the 'leave in' protector.

Complexe Irisome based on Iris flower extract.

$43 at Kerastase Salons or

TIP:Try a product category you don't regularly use.



Solution: A new 'mat' from Sweet Cheeks. Studies say sitting on this 'mat' 30 mins a day (your desk or car) will make a difference in skin tone. 20% of women see immediate reduction of the pesky skin condition.


TIP: Eat your omegas to help restore flaccid fat cells.