Will Donald Trump deliver on his campaign promises?

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NEW YORK -- President-elect Trump won that title by making a variety of campaign promises.

Some were dramatic and drastic, while others were more moderate.

Now, his victory raises the question of whether or not Donald Trump can deliver on many of those pledges. The answer depends in part on Trump and in part on the new Congress. As some political analysts point out, though, that if Congress underestimates Trump's ability to accomplish goals in Washington, it does so at its own peril.

Throughout the campaign, Trump repeated a phrase that not only mobilized his supporters, but also drew more voters to his camp, over time. "We're gonna build a wall" along the U.S. southern border with Mexico, Trump said over and over throughout the campaign, "and we're gonna get Mexico to pay for it."

It was one of a variety of campaign promises Candidate Donald Trump made that led to his now being the president-elect. However, after Trump met with Mexican president Enrique Nieto Peña during the campaign, the Mexican president said that his country had no plans to foot the bill for an enhanced border barrier.

Similarly, Trump called for a ban on Muslim immigrants, particularly refugees from the civil war. Whether or not that can happen remains an open question, but a Democratic Party political insider told PIX11 News to never assume Trump can't things done.

"The president-elect, when he takes office will do whatever he can in 100 days," said Hank Sheinkopf. He's a New York-based political consultant, but having helped to run more than 700 campaigns, Hank Sheinkopf knows what can and cannot happen in Washington, especially once Trump takes the reins.

"He may be able to do an infrastructure [bill], said Sheinkopf, referring to a badly needed measure to fix aging road and bridges, "because he has both houses of Congress."