Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart uses her own harrowing experience to help other victims

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NEW YORK -- A survivor of a kidnapping that gripped national headlines back in 2002, Elizabeth Smart is back on "Crime Watch Daily" as a special correspondent this season.

Having told her own story of survival for years, Smart is now helping to lend a voice and a platform to other crime victims.

As an advocate for missing children and crime survivors, Smart says part of the reason she joined "Crime Watch Daily" is that she knows firsthand how the spotlight and media can play a part in helping to solve crimes.

"When I'm asked to go out and interview these other victims, and these other survivors, I just think that it's so important to share their stories, not just for their own case, but for all the other victims and survivors out there to know that they're not alone," Smart said. "That they know they can do something about it."

The latest episode brings Smart face-to-face with Dr. David Cline, an Indiana fertility specialist accused of using his own sperm to allegedly impregnate more than 50 patients.

"To be so completely betrayed by this man, telling you one thing, but doing another," Smart said. "Knocking on his door, there was very much so adrenaline."

Six of Cline's former patient's children learned of their ancestry through DNA testing, after Cline allegedly told some of his patients he used his own sperm whenever he didn't have a donor sample available. Smart was with "Crime Watch Daily" when some of Cline's children met for the very first time.

"I couldn't help but think of these women and how would I feel if one of those women were my mother," Smart said. "I would be so angry and so violated."

Cline, now retired, is being charged by the State of Indiana with two counts of obstruction of justice for lying to investigators about whether he provided his own sperm to patients. He's pled not guilty and is awaiting trial.

You can catch the full episode of "Crime Watch Daily" Thursday at 2 p.m. on PIX11.