Woman goes to Brooklyn supermarket, gets pepper-sprayed

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EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — Patricia David loves her local Junior’s Supermarket in East New York, Brooklyn. One day back in 2013 she walked over to do a little food shopping. She says that, oddly, the door was only partially open. But the employee there told her to come on in. So she did.

Turned out there was a dispute going on between a customer and an employee. The employee fired a blast of pepper spray or mace at the customer. Patricia got hit in the face.

“I was vomiting! I was sick! I was throwing up!” Patricia told me. “And I was taken to Brookdale Hospital.”

The supermarket paid for the ambulance. But it never picked up Patricia’s $250 hospital co-payment. Patricia didn’t find that out until recently when she happened to check her credit and found it had taken a hit because of the unpaid bill.

So Patricia got in touch with Junior’s. But the supermarket said, hey, this happened three years ago!

“They told me they’re refusing to pay because it’s not their problem. So help me, Howard.”

I hear ya, Patricia. We went over to the supermarket. But the store is actually owned by a company called Western Beef, based in Queens. So I got on the phone and told them the story. A few minutes later,

Western Beef’s attorney called back. We had a pleasant discussion and I explained why it had taken Patricia so long to come after the $250 co-payment. She just found out it was never paid.

The attorney got the picture and agreed to fix the problem. Patricia is getting reimbursed.

Thank you Western Beef for taking care of a loyal customer so quickly. She’s still a big fan of Junior’s.