CDC: Reported cases of STDs on the rise among millennials in NYC, nationwide

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NEW YORK – New data shows there's been a spike in sexually transmitted diseases among young people nationwide and in New York City.

Even though millennials are mooching off their parents longer than any other group growing up before them they're having no trouble finding places and people to hook up with and swap STD's.

New numbers out from Center for Disease and Control, also reflected in national trends, show our young people are choosing riskier sex and paying the price in Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections.

Causes of syphilis are up nearly 30 percent since this time a year ago. Reports of gonorrhea and chlamydia are also on the rise.

The CDC said young adults, gay men and people of color are most likely to contract the diseases in New York and nationwide.

Keep in mind some STD’s and STI’s can lead to fertility problems, or make one more vulnerable to contracting and spreading HIV. Once you get an std you may need to treat, and everyone you’ve had sex with in past months needs to be informed and treated. One also needs to not have sex until all symptoms disappear.

To avoid transmission of any disease one can abstain from sex, only have sex in a monogamous relationship with another person who is not a disease carrier, or use latex condoms (as other natural condoms prevent pregnancy only, not spread of disease).

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