Boy gets much-needed wheelchair; 10-year-old uncovers nightmarish bus ride

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Courageous and brave are words viewers used to describe 10 -year-old Christian Donato.

Donato complained his bus ride to school from Staten Island to Flushing is a whopping three hours long.

Donato took pictures of aides sleeping on the job when they were supposed to be watching children with autism on his bus.

The Department of Education acted swiftly and is investigating.

His mom is hoping her son will now get a van to accommodate his medical needs.

Then, remember Gina Manning? She's been fighting her insurance company to get them to cover a fitted wheelchair for her dying son. She asked PIX11 News for help.

We reached out to Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Finally they granted her son the wheelchair he so desperately needs. He received his chair Friday.

And Dawn Mueller, she couldn't afford a Metrocard to visit her dying mother in Staten Island.

We reached out to an organization called Community Service Society, an advocacy group calling for reduced fares for the working poor.

We surprised her with a Metrocard so she could see her mom.

Her mother lost her battle with cancer, but she was there with her mom in those final moments.

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