Gregg T. becomes internet sensation after ‘See Something, Say Something’ ad

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NEW YORK — He's just an ordinary New Yorker, but his fame has reached extraordinary heights. Gregg T. is just one of several real-life people that the MTA is using in its new See Something, Say Something campaign that started in March.

But for some reason, Gregg T. (who spells his first name with an extra G) has captured the imagination of the commuting public!

He now has people snapping his picture and posting it while he's on the train between work and his home in Valley Stream, Long Island. The attorney has even inspired a fake Twitter account, a fake Facebook account, even an elaborate fake website!

We tried to reach him for comment on this story, but he didn't respond. Though after it aired, he did follow me on Twitter! Or SOMEBODY pretending to be him, did. Hmmmmm.

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