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Incredible video records daredevil’s jump off mountain in wingsuit, then his crash

Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 12:10:17-04

SAN DIEGO — A Navy pilot from San Diego is lucky to be alive after a failed jump in a wingsuit off a mountain peak in France.

Eric Dossantos woke up in a French hospital after his wingsuit stunt failed in late September.

Dossantos, an avid base jumper, was wearing the suit when he jumped off a peak in Chamonix, France.

The crystal clear video he posted online Tuesday shows his descent from the mountaintop all the way down to his spectacular crash into pine trees below.

Friends say the base jumper was traveling more than 100 mph when he crashed and his helmet camera captured it all. Rescuers found Dossantos about three hours after the crash landing.

Fellow base jumpers who visited the crash site a few days later found  that Dossantos had flown through an 8-inch diameter tree trunk and snapped off the top 20 feet of the tree. The debris trail from the crash stretched over 300 feet among the pine trees.

Dossantos said he's been skydiving for the past four years, totaling 900 dives and 550 jumps with a wingsuit.
Now, a month after the failed jump, Dossantos is sharing his story to help educate other base jumpers.

Eric Dossantos

Eric Dossantos is pictured in the hospital after his crash.

"If I can help even one person stay alive by not repeating my mistakes, it's worth the public confession of my less-than-stellar progression," he told blog Topgunbase.

"Can't believe I lived...." he posted on Vimeo.

"He’s one of like three people that has survived an incident like this," friend and fellow base jumper Matt Blank said."He's a very adventurous and calculated person who likes to live as much as possible."

But in what is an emerging sport, Blank said there's only so much calculating base jumpers can do.

"Wing suits are rapidly being changed and new designs coming out all the time. All of us are test pilots," he said. "Now our mission is how do we educate everyone around us so this doesn’t happen again."