Queens residents disgusted by rotting meat hanging outside neighbor’s home

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WHITESTONE, Queens -- Bianca Kramer described the scene of meat hanging in the backyard of her neighbor's home along 7th Avenue in Whitestone, Queens simply as, "It scared me. It's disgusting. It's really unsanitary."

Kramer is referring to various meats being hung just a few yards from her back porch, outside, by a neighbor.

"That looks like duck hanging by its neck and slices of pork bacon," Kramer said.

While Kramer and others along this residential stretch near the Whitestone Bridge understand it may be a cultural custom for their neighbors, they also say it is attracting unwanted visitors.

"There was a rat spotted in their yard," Kramer said. "We have cats, feral cats coming over here, trying to get the meat now. I don't need cats in my backyard. I'm trying to let my dogs out here."

Another neighbor, Gene DiFalco, is not a fan of the sight nor the smell being generated.

"We don't really need rotten food just hanging off of porches," DiFalco said.

DiFalco says these pieces of meat are nothing like the meat that hung along the clothesline attached to the these two poles a few days ago, where the meat did not have a dry rub or tenderizer on it but rather.

"Flies attached to the chickens and flies were attached to the bacon."

The Department of Health has a policy for restaurants that any agriculture meats being displayed have to be cooked at or above 135-degrees and must maintain that temperature for up to four hours.

That policy appears to not apply to residential homes.

Following PIX11 News report at six, a neighbor said the family's final strand of meat was removed.

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