Hundreds sign online petition protesting Wonder Woman as Honorary UN Ambassador

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MIDTOWN, Manhattan — Should Wonder Woman, the busty Super Hero in the thigh bearing bodysuit with an American flag motif, be the UN's Honorary Ambassador or for the Empowerment of women and girls?

A growing number of female staffers at the United Nations, 1,800 so far, signed an online petition saying no way.

"We do feel she is a muscular version of Barbie," Shazia Rafi, the UN Representative of the All-Pakistan Women's Association, told PIX11 News. "She shouldn't be representing women on the issue of gender equality."

During the comic book character's 75th birthday celebration at the UN, there was a ceremony to kick off the year-long campaign on gender equality and women's empowerment. More than 100 demonstrators chanted and carried signs at the UN saying, "I am not a mascot" and "let's get real."

But actress Lynda Carter, who played wonder woman on the TV show in the 1970s, and Gal Gadot, who plays her in an upcoming movie, don't understand the fuss.

"It's not about being sexy or having a predatory nature," Carter said. "It's about strength, courage and community, playing fair and getting it right."

But for the woman who heads the all Pakistan women's association at the UN and tourists passing by, they say Wonder Woman is not the best choice for a gender equality.

"Why have a cartoon character when there are so many great women out there," Fatima Alansar Chleuh, a tourist from Connecticut, told PIX11 News.

"All women are Wonder Women," Arlene Nimark, a Midwood, Brooklyn resident said.

And a husband, standing next to his wife, said "they should pick a real woman, like my wife," Voldez Scott said, to his wife's surprise.

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