Williamsburg coffee shop charges customers by the minute instead of by the cup

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — A new cafe in Williamsburg is giving out free coffee, wifi and granola bars, and charging its customers based on how long they stay.

Glass Hour on Skillman Avenue is giving coffee shop lovers a new concept. Claiming to be the “first pay per minute cafe in the U.S.,” customers will be charged based on hours and minutes spent at the place.

For the first hour, they will be charged a fixed price of $6, regardless if they were there for 2 minutes or 59 minutes.

After the first hour, they will be charged 10 cents a minute. Once customers hit pass four hours, they will be charged $24 total.

People can also get a second hour for free if they write a review on yelp and “check in” on Facebook.

“We have everything you need to be productive, have fun, spend time with friends and family, hold meetings, come up with new exciting ideas or simply hide from the rest of the world,” the cafe’s website says.

Is the pricing worth it?

Some say no. If you sit in Starbucks all day and pay for one coffee, you will be saving at least $10, but you won’t have the luxury of eating unlimited snacks, drinking coffee and playing with board and video games.

Other coffee shops around the world have already tested this pricing model out. In Russia, Ziferblat runs the same “pay per minute” plan. The coffee shop now has 14 locations throughout Europe. according to Business Insider.

Glass Hour has been opened since Aug. 29.