Fast food worker brutally beaten after giving attacker free food

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — A fast food worker was trying to be generous when she gave a man two free meals Saturday, but was then attacked after her good deed.

Shagufta Riaz, a  fast food worker with a good heart, has worked at the Checkers on Court Street in Brooklyn for the past six months. She often works the late shift.

Last Saturday, Riaz was working the cashier counter when a man walked in and ordered food, but didn't have enough money. Riaz, being the kind person she is, let the man have the food anyway, and he left.

An hour later, the man returned with a friend, but the restaurant was closed. The man demanded more food, and began calling Riaz names, mocking her religion and heritage. At one time he called her a 'Muslim b-tch.' Riaz convinced her coworkers to fire up the grills once more and gave him even more food for free.

The man then asked to use the bathroom, but the workers drew the line. They even shut the lights off and the man still wouldn't leave.

He finally grabbed his bag of free food and allegedly whacked Riaz in the arm with what appears to be a cane.

Riaz fell to the ground, bruised and injured. She called police.

When police arrived, the suspect was long gone.

Police are asking that you call Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS if you have any idea who the man in the video is.

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