Watch the full replay of the final debate between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

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LAS VEGAS — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debated in Las Vegas for the final presidential debate before the election.

The first issue to come up was the Supreme Court.

Trump said he would appoint justices who would defend the Second Amendment and gun rights and would be pro-life. Clinton said she believes the court should overturn the Citizen’s United case, which opened the political system to what she called “dark money.”

Donald Trump has defended his immigration policy and noted that some of his guests at tonight’s debate in Las Vegas lost relatives to killers in the country illegally. Trump repeated his vow to build a wall. Clinton said she doesn’t want to rip families apart, especially those who with children born in the United States.

Clinton said Trump’s proposal would require a massive law enforcement effort to round up millions in the country without documentation.

The candidates for president have quarreled over Moscow’s influence in the presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton charged that Donald Trump has been a “puppet” for Russian leader Vladimir Putin and condones what intelligence officials say is Russian intrusion.

Trump countered that he doesn’t know Putin and that Clinton dislikes the Russian leader because he has outsmarted the former secretary of state and President Barack Obama.

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