NJ woman on mission to return SD card with thousands of wedding photos to owner

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LOWER MANHATTAN — A New Jersey woman found an SD card with thousands of photos on it near Liberty Street in Lower Manhattan this weekend, and she's now on a mission to return them to the rightful owner.

"I just know if I lost my pictures in New York City, I would want someone to try to return them to me. I believe that a good deed never goes unnoticed," Tammy Tozer, of Ocean View, New Jersey, said.

Tozer posted the photos on Facebook hoping someone will recognize the couple. The post has more than 100 shares as of Wednesday.

"I’m in full blown kidney failure. I do dialysis seven days a week. So, I would hope that my good deed, in turn, would turn into a good deed that would be done for me. One day maybe finding a transplant recipient. Up until now, I’ve had no luck because I’m really hard to match," Tozer said.

Tozer was diagnosed with Lupus in 1998, a disease that has forced her kidneys into failure. It’s been a struggle ever since. But she only sees the upside.

"I don’t feel sorry for myself because of it. I believe that everybody gets what they know is, you know, what they can handle. So obviously somebody knew that I could handle everything that has been dished to me in the last 15 years."

She got word Wednesday that a man may be contacting her who claims the photos are his. She’s expecting a call and says returning them to their rightful owner would mean the world to her.

"I hope someone would do the same thing for me,” she said.

Tozer has been on a waiting list for a kidney for more than five years.

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