Ten ‘lucky pennies’ worth $1,000 each hidden in New York

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NEW YORK — Normally they’d be worth just 10 cents, but 10 pennies hidden around New York City are much luckier. They’re worth $1,000 each.

Ally Financial left “pennies” in cities across the country. The coins, which are also in Washington, D.C., San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, Charlotte and Austin, are slightly larger than actual pennies.

The penny features the Ally Financial logo on one side and “100,000 cents” on the other.

All the pennies are located in high-traffic, public areas and location clues are on Ally’s social media accounts. New Yorkers can head to a local park to find one of the special pennies:

At least five coins have already been found across the country.

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