Pipes, cars and a bat: The weapons of choice in a massive NJ street brawl

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ELIZABETH, N.J. — Dozens of people were involved in a massive brawl on an Elizabeth street Sunday morning.

The fight broke out in front of Pimm's Lounge around 2:45 a.m.

"There was a fight and then I seen cars like cars everywhere and I'm like what is going on and all I hear was noise, noise," said Maria a local resident while describing the scene she saw play out on Erie Street.

Surveillance video shows two groups of males brawling in the street.

At one point a mini-van strikes two men slugging it out.

Seconds later another man races to the scene with appears to be a long pipe. The scene is chaotic for several minutes.

Ultimately, the crowd and vehicles disperse and all appears over.

Then approximately four minutes later, the violence ignites again.

One man is seen racing into the picture from the right, baseball bat in hand while catching another man off guard.

The intended target flees only to immediately get hit by a van.b Seconds later another car runs him over, followed by a third car that pulls up to the scene and appears to hit him again.

Defenseless and injured the victim on the street then gets hammered by the man with the baseball bat, and within seconds the man is overwhelmed by a mob intent on inflicting massive pain.

Elizabeth Police Chief Patrick Shannon described the brawl as "grisly."

"It is absolutely abhorrent what happened to this fella first struck by a vehicle and then assaulted by what appears to be a baseball bat," said Chief Shannon.

Chief Shannon had seen some of the video of the violence, primarily where the man gets run over, but came to our truck to see additional video PIX11 News obtained, "As I see that video I'm shocked. I haven't seen all the video, but what I've seen of what occurred that evening is shocking."

According to Chief Shannon, two people were sent to the hospital for broken legs and a broken arm.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.