Perfect weather this week, but it’s leaving many worried

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Summer officially ended a month ago, but Tuesday's record warmth felt a lot more like summer is just beginning. While many people across the tri-state area were enjoying the blast of warmth, almost all of them expressed some concern about the temperature being as high as it was so late in the season.

"I love a good, cold fall," said Jamie Cook, who was playing on the lawn with her puppy in Gantry Plaza Park in Long Island City. "I like to be bundled up by mid October," she said, but added that she was nonetheless enjoying the unseasonably high temps.

"It's good," she told PIX11 News. "It's nice when you can, like, sit outside."

Across the region, PIX11 encountered people outdoors, soaking in the abundant sun and the low- to mid-80s temperatures. It looked and felt nearly perfect, but like the haze that hovered at the edge of an otherwise picture perfect New York Harbor on Tuesday afternoon, almost everybody PIX11 encountered found something not quite right about the day's weather.

"I'm actually sweating a little," said Ronald Lukas, who was in-line skating on the Bay Ridge Promenade. "I think I'd like it a little cooler," he said. "I like the fall weather."

Tuesday was definitely not a day for wearing sweaters or jackets. It was the weather of early summer. On average, mid-June sees highs of around 81 degrees in the New York region. Tuesday's high topped that by around 3 degrees.

Newark topped the region's temps at 85 degrees. The area's mid-80s readings were a full 20 degrees higher than the norm for mid-October.

Some residents, like Joanne Roumpakas of Astoria, Queens, welcomed it with open arms. "It's beautiful," she said. "I'm used to it, because I lived for 15 years in Greece," where it's common for highs to be in the 80s in the summers, she told PIX11 News.

In Astoria in October, however, she said, she "remember[ed] when it was freezing." She said that the climate was changing "for the better."

Most other people PIX11 encountered, however, expressed feelings similar to those of Beth Compson. She was enjoying lunch at Monica's, an outdoor café in Astoria, but said that the pleasant weather was eclipsed by scientific information related to it.

"It's a little scary," she told PIX11 News, "from the standpoint of global warming."

Agreeing with her were none other than Oscar Abolafia and Paul Glasser. They swim with the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, an organization made world famous for swimming in cold beach waters. It was not the case on Tuesday.

"People don't understand the climate has changed," said Abolafia. He and his swimming partner, Glasser, acknowledged as they emerged from the surf that the weekend is expected to have temperatures plunge into the 40s.

Still, Wednesday is likely to see more record highs, and Abolafia said that it wouldn't surprise him if more record warm days follow.

"You may come out in another three weeks," he told PIX11 News, "and see record numbers of people out in the water" because it's still unseasonably warm.