Funny or distasteful? Controversial Halloween costumes grabbing headlines once again

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NEW YORK – Every year Halloween brings out the characters.

Among the scary and clever options, taking it to inappropriate extreme has sadly become the standard procedure.

From culturally insensitive to downright unsettling, this year's controversial costumes don't  disappoint.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her recent headline-making saga where she was robbed at gunpoint was reimagined in a costume that will cost you $69.99. It'll subject you to a few shaking heads.

Another costume raising eyebrows is one of a bloody Harambe the Gorilla with a boy. Not a good idea would be a good way to describe it.

Then there's the costume of a Syrian refugee. In the past, controversial costumes have been done, but considering the headlines around the refugee crisis, it's bound to surface again.

"If you're mocking a certain group of people you're going the wrong path," head of content at Barstool Sports David Portnoy said.

The thin line between a well-thought out costume and one that's hands down insensitive comes down to using common sense.

"It's a case by case basis," Portnoy said. "You probably want to stay away from tragedy. If people died in a hurricane, you don't want to dress up as the hurricane."

When it comes down to the Kim K takedown however, Portnoy insists it's fair game.

"I think she's sort of made a mockery of her life since she's on camera 24/7," Portnoy said. "So you can't turn that on and off. In this unique instance it qualifies as funny and not offensive."

The thing you probably won't be able to avoid this Halloween is crossing paths with one of those creepy killer clowns people are talking about.

While police departments across the country are cracking down on the clowns in communities, some retailers such as Target are pulling clown masks off the shelves.