How locals are providing relief efforts to Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti

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Matthew is barreling its way to Florida.  It could make landfall as a category 4 storm. If it does, it will be the most powerful storm to hit Florida in over a decade.

Authorities have urged more than 2 million people to leave their homes in Coastal Florida, Georgia and South Carolina as the storm nears.

"There are no excuses, you need to leave. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate,” said Gov. Rick Scott ( R) Florida.

The storm has already killed at least 113 people in three Caribbean countries – 108  in Haiti alone.

“Are we ready for the next tragedy I don’t believe we are,” Mathieu Eugene said.

Thursday, Haitian-born council member Mathieu Eugene, whose district represents a large portion of the city’s Haitian-American community, announced the formation of a permanent task force to aid relief efforts in Haiti.

“We need a sustainable organ a perm organ with people of different expertise people who know how to respond to emergencies,” Eugene said.

The storm has caused wide-spread destruction in Haiti flooding hundreds of homes and forcing more than 300,000 people into shelters.

“We are looking for housing help such as tents. The people and the kids are displaced, their houses are gone we need shelter we need clothing but right now food and shelter are the main focus right now,” said Marie Millien, Chairman for the organization Caring Friends for the Children of Haiti.  The organization has been heading up a relief efforts to send emergency supplies and provisions to Haiti.

The island is still recovering from the massive earthquake in 2010, which tore apart its infrastructure.