It’s a “G” Thing: NYC teen has amounted to being the world’s top female rock climber

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“I sort of face life now, the way I face like a boulder problem," Ashima Shiraishi said.

Ashima Shiraishi is the Queen of rock, climbing that is.

“People have labeled me the World’s Strongest Female Rock Climbers” she said humbly.

The 15-year-old has scaled the toughest cliffs from Texas and South Africa to Spain and Japan.

“When you do a certain climb that you’ve fallen on, or failed miserably on like countless times, you feel once you get to the top, you know that all the hard work has actually paid off," she smiled.

The New York native found her passion at the age of six while playing in Central Park.

“I saw people rock climbing on this big rock and I got curious," she remembered. "Once I began I started to do it everyday.”

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With the support of her family, Ashima trains for about four hours nearly every day after school. She prefers to climb outdoors but comes here, to The Cliffs gym in Long Island City to finesse certain skills.

“I’ve never really had an actual coach but I basically just climb with a bunch of my friends and climb a lot," she explained.

She's won countless competitions and earlier this year, did what very few have ever done, completing a V15.

“It’s a grade in the bouldering system," she explained. "It goes from V0, which is the easiest to V16, which the hardest, so I did a v15 and I became the youngest person ever to do one and the first female to do one.”

The prodigy's record-breaking ascent is featured in a new documentary 'Reel Rock 11' premiering this week.

“I’m in the segment called, 'The Young Guns,'" she said. "It feels great, I was just so excited when I did it.”

She doesn't call herself a role model but does hope her example has a positive influence on younger climbers on how to approach boulders and life.

“There are going to be hard times," Ashima said. "You’re going to fall a bunch but just keep pushing through and climb through it.”

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Ashima lives and breathes rock climbing; one day she hopes to mount the top of an Olympic podium,

“It’s one of my dreams," she smiled.

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