Mom’s pregnant photo shoot remembering her miscarriages goes viral

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ROCKY HILL, Conn. — A Connecticut mother who struggled for years to get pregnant with her second child celebrated her baby-to-be while remembering those she lost in an epic photo shoot.

The emotional final portrait of Jessica Mahoney, of Rocky Hill, has gone viral.

"With the first one, it's complete devastation," Mahoney told CNN affiliate WFSB. "And then after that, it becomes overwhelming to say the least."

After having their son Corbin, Jessica and Kevin Mahoney knew they wanted another baby. But they struggled, enduring six miscarriages in about two years.

"We just kept getting pregnant and kept having loss after loss after loss," Jessica Mahoney said.

But this year everything changed when Jessica Mahoney learned she was pregnant with their "rainbow baby."

Tasked with creating the maternity photo shoot she's always dreamed of were two local photographers, Mary Maloney of "Pebbles and Polkadots" and JoAnn Marrero of "From Labor to Love."

"I really wanted to give her exactly what she wanted, especially because she didn't have that before," Marrero said.

Marrero told FOX61 she "knew" she and Maloney -- her mentor -- "would create magic" for this couple.

"With each burst of color we watched this portrait coming to life behind my lens," Marrero told the station. "It sounds beautiful doesn't it? It was, but also picture lots of coughing, color-stained clothing and a rainbow wash in our hair."

Pregnancy bliss and creative genius joined forces to produce the breathtaking photo, which paid tribute to Jessica and Kevin's unborn daughter and six babies they lost before she was conceived.

"It's unbelievable," Jessica Mahoney said. "It really is."

Marrero said the final product was emotional for all involved -- and then came the virality. The photos gained national attention when the Facebook page Birth Without Fear shared the colorful capture, FOX61 reports.

The image has been shared thousands of times and is giving women across the world who have struggled with fertility issues a colorful glimmer of hope.

"When I shared it I said, 'This is my story and I hope it lets one person out there knows they're not alone and that there's other people going through it,'" Jessica Mahoney said.

Jessica Mahoney said she is 35 weeks pregnant and their baby girl is due Nov. 11.