Ken Thompson had big future plans, friends say of late Brooklyn DA

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Ken Thompson viewed his role as Brooklyn District Attorney as one of opportunity.

Whether it was righting an unlawful wrong, shutting down criminal operations or changing the way the legal system views criminal possession of marijuana, Thompson made a significant impact on an office that is now being modeled in other cities across the nation.

As the city reflects on the life and career of Ken Thompson, PIX11 News spoke with three men who knew him best; the man who gave him his first legal job in New York City, his law firm partner and U.S. Representative who was hired as young lawyer more than 20 years ago to work with Thompson.

They all had different reflections and one even shared Thompson's blueprints for future office.

The late District Attorney would always tell the media and residents of his home borough, "The people of Brooklyn elected me to do justice and that is what this is all about."

However, it is what he said on the night he captured the office that symbolizes Thompson's dedication to those who are growing up as he did, and reinforcing a belief in them that they too can carve out a successful future, "For any little boy or little girl who may be seeing this from public housing, I want you to know that there is greatness within you. That you can do great things with your life."