Ken Bone captures the internet`s heart during presidential debate

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ST. LOUIS —  Most would agree, the amount of shade thrown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during Sunday night’s debate was astronomical.

“It just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not allowed to be in charge of law in this country,” Clinton said.

“Because you’d be in jail,” Trump fired back that drew a mix of applause and shock in the crowd.

While the pair exchanged jabs, the Twitterverse was spinning into overdrive.

One standout moment that got the meme treatment was when Trump complained about the moderators.

The exchange spawned off the so-called “Crying Trump” meme on Facebook.

The second debate also had fact checkers busy. According to Politifact, both candidates dropped falsehoods but it was Trump who repeatedly did so.

It prompting Stephen Colbert to tweet this gem.

While viewers continue to hash out who won the debate – it’s clear there was one person who came out on top.

Meet Ken Bone, a power plant operator from Illinois whose sincere yet serious demeanor - and very memorable ensemble - was the unlikely star of the debate.

When he was called on to ask his question about the candidate’s energy policies, Twitter pretty much imploded, making him a trending topic worldwide.

One user described him as the “human version of a hug.”

Another user got deep, tweeting: “Was so sad and ashamed throughout the entire spectacle but then ken bone rose like a phoenix from america's ashes and there's laughter again.”

“Yesterday I had 7 twitter followers and two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do another,” Bone said, the morning after he inadvertently mesmerized viewers.

That count is now has now surpassed 30,000.

Not only does he now have his own official Halloween costume, Brooklyn’s famed Vinnie’s Pizzeria even took note of the red sweater-wearing icon, creating an official slice in his honor called the Penneth Bone.

YouTube star Jonathan Mann even penned a tribute song to Bone, appropriately titled “The Ballad of Ken Bone.”