GoFundMe campaign launched to encourage release of Trump’s allegedly racist ‘Apprentice’ recordings

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NEW YORK — An online fundraising campaign has been launched to cover the legal fees for someone who would make public video footage that apparently shows Donald Trump making racist remarks toward African Americans.

Following the release of a video Friday showing the Republican presidential nominee making vulgar remarks about women, rumors have begun to circulate that even more damning recordings exist from the 14 seasons of Trump's show, "The Apprentice".

A former "Apprentice" producer claimed in a tweet that there was truth behind the claims, which allege that Trump used a derogatory slur to refer to African Americans while on the show.

However, many are saying that those involved in the NBC show face a hefty lawsuit for leaking any footage — a $5 million lawsuit, to be exact.

The creators of the GoFundMe campaign, a group that calls itself the "Trump Sunlight Campaign," started the campaign Sunday to help "pay those penalties and reward the whistleblower responsible."

"Someone out there is likely in possession of a piece of evidence that could be used to substantiate what many folks have always believed," the campaign page says. "That the current nominee for President of the United States is not a moral leader for us all to look to over the next four years."

Since the claims of a possible lawsuit have come out, MGM Studios — which produced "The Apprentice" — has denied it has threatened anyone with litigation.

"(Producer) Mark Burnett does not have the ability nor the right to release footage or other material from The Apprentice," MGM said in a statement to CNN's Brian Stelter. "To be clear ... (Burnett) has consistently supported Democratic campaigns."

As of 6:30 p.m. Monday, the GoFundMe page had solicited more than $17,000 of its $5.1 million goal.

The group says that if no one comes forward with the recordings, they will donate the money raised to an organization that backs journalistic integrity and freedom of the press.

Many people, including Pres. Barack Obama, Trump's wife and influential Republican lawmakers, have spoke out and condemned Trump's remarks on women. Some GOP politicians have pulled their support of Trump in wake of the leaked tape.

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