Blue lines painted on New Jersey streets to show solidarity with police

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BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. — It’s a sign of solidarity with police: a thin line of blue paint represents the police who stand as a line of defense between the public and criminals, order and chaos.

Wyckoff, Mahwah, Glen Rock, Paramus and many other New Jersey towns have been putting down a thin strip of blue paint down their main thoroughfares to let the public know they support their police.

“I was sitting in traffic in Wyckoff and I realized that the reason I was in traffic is because they were painting a blue line down the center of town. So I texted one of my friends on the police force and said why don’t we have a blue line?” said Susan Larson, a long-time Mahwah resident.

Larson made it her mission to see it painted. The town laid down the blue paint last week.

“I hope that it’s a message of thanks and support for our police department. Thank you for all the effort to keep our town safe,” she said.

Mahwah’s mayor took this a step further. He paid to print hundreds of signs in support of police.

“Well, I’ve printed over 650 signs. Everyone of those signs have been picked up and put on the front lawn of a residents home,” said Mayor Bill Laforet, who said residents took the signs voluntarily from common areas in town to place in their yards.

“Our community is 100 percent behind our police department."

Glen Rock also took their show of support a step further and painted red and white lines on Rock Road, to represent their fire department and volunteer ambulance corps.

In Wyckoff, the blue line runs for a quarter-mile down Franklin Avenue, the main artery in town.

“We thought this would be a great tribute not only to our officers that protect our residents each and everyday, but to police officers, men and women, throughout the country,” Wyckoff Mayor Kevin Rooney said.

The colorful addition with a deeper meaning has become a favorite in town.

“When people come in, you know, they come in to make reports and they tell us, by the way we enjoy the blue line that’s painted out front. We’re really happy to see what you do for us as a community,” said Acting Wyckoff Police Chief David Murphy.