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Professional clowns start ‘real clowns are about love’ campaign

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Professional clowns are fighting back against the creepy clown craze – with love.

The clown community has started the #realclownsareaboutlove campaign in an attempt to rehab their image and remind people that not all clowns are menacing.

Clown love began spreading through Facebook Wednesday night when Ron Anglin, a professional clown and comic juggler for a children’s hospital in Atlanta, decided it was time to reclaim the good clown name. He goes by Dr. Tiny.

“I started the hashtag because nurses keep stopping us to take our picture to show their own children that we were not scary, which they kept hearing about at their school,” Anglin wrote on Facebook. “We are just people, trying to help others, and take care of our families.”

Clowns across the country Рand people who love clowns Рhave shared the message. One clown shared the story of delivering a singing telegram to a former air force pilot on his 99th birthday.

Other clowns just want to help spread the word that they aren’t like the clowns that have been scaring people.