Investigators retrieve 2nd data recorder from train involved in Hoboken crash

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HOBOKEN, N.J. — Federal safety investigators have recovered a data recorder, a video recorder and the engineer’s cellphone from the front car of an NJ Transit commuter train that crashed into the terminal here last week.

At a news conference Tuesday afternoon, National Transportation Safety Board investigator Jim Southworth said that he and his fellow inspectors don’t yet know if the recorders contain any useful information.

The instruments, which were recovered Tuesday morning, were sent to an NTSB lab in Washington on Tuesday afternoon for analysis.

The lab also has the engineer’s cellphone, which was found in a backpack in the cab of the front train car.

Southworth said that all of the recovered instruments are in good condition and will be examined thoroughly over the weeks and months ahead, now that they've finally been obtained, six days after the fateful crash.

It took so long for investigators to reach the front car and its cab because the train and the terminal building it had run into last Thursday had been extensively damaged.

The collision, which happened during the morning rush last Thursday, killed Hoboken mother Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, 34, and injured more than 100 other passengers.

Over the weekend, the NTSB checked a data recorder that investigators had recovered from the rear of the train. That one wasn’t functioning on the day of the crash.