Residents in Harlem’s Grant Houses have been out of gas for months

Posted: 10:17 PM, Oct 02, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-02 22:17:26-04

HARLEM, Manhattan – Eighty-one-year-old Matty Lawson has a tough enough time cooking on her own but since August 29 this Grant Houses resident has had no gas to cook with.

This is her situation and the other residents at 1315 Amsterdam Ave. and 75 LaSalle St. -- they were given a hot plate until repairs to the gas line in the buildings can be made.

"When the gas went out August 29th, it's like nobody knew," Carlton Davis, President of the Grant Houses Residents' Association said. "We had no information and nothing was posted."

Another tenant organizer said more than 1,000 residents are affected.

"We have people on certain diets and who have diabetes," organizer Carmen Quinones said. "Some are ill. We have many seniors."

Residents of the Grant Houses got in touch with PIX11 after a meeting with representatives of the New York City Housing Authority where NYCHA representatives said the residents in these 446 apartments need to be patient because they say the repairs may not be made for many months.

"It takes half an hour to boil water on these hot plates, Orsby Wroten, a Grant Houses tenant said.

PIX11 reached out to NYCHA for an explanation. They responded:

NYCHA informed the Grant Houses tenant association about the outage and distributed hot plates to residents in the affected buildings. Con Edison and a contractor are expected to finish repairs by early November. NYCHA apologizes for inconvenience to affected residents."