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Worry spreads along Pascack Valley line for families of NJ Transit riders

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SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. -- The train that crashed through the Hoboken terminal bumper began in Spring Valley and all day long there has been worry, concern and some relief among the train riders and their relatives.

"I'm concerned about my son," Jean Fresnel told PIX11. " I want to talk to him. I want to make sure he's okay."

Jean fresnel came to the Spring Valley train station to get more information about his 23-year-old son Clevens Bleck.

The West Havestraw father says his son is often on an early morning train to his job in Brooklyn and he hasn't heard from him.

PIX11 gave the worried father the phone number to call for information about missing loved ones.

The worried father eventually heard from his son, who had been on an earlier train.

"I feel very gifted, very blessed," Joey Alfano, another train rider told PIX11.

Alfano is thanking his lucky stars that he overslept this morning and missed his usual train out of Spring Valley which crashed in Hoboken 82 minutes later.

"My heart goes out to them," Alfonso said. "Everyone on that train is a working person," he added.

And college freshman Samantha Curry was on the train right behind the one that crashed in Hoboken.

The 18-year-old was headed to the new school and is just grateful the number of fatalities and delays weren't worse.

"It's really crazy," Samantha Curry, the college student told PIX11. "It could've been my train or my father's train. So sad."

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