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Staten Island boy, 8, goes viral after he writes hilarious 3rd grade survival guide

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STATEN ISLAND — One clever Staten Island third-grader is getting a lot of extra attention after his mom posted his school survival guide on social media.

"I've been on TV a couple of times, but this is big," Christopher Bannon, 8, said. "It's like one little paper and it's going all over the world."

Bannon never thought his third-grade survival guide would be inspiring students all over the country. But since his mother, Melissa Barvels, posted the assignment on her Facebook page, the guide has been shared by blogs and news outlets around the world.

"People get a kick out of seeing things like that, but I didn't think it was going to go all over the place like it is now," Barvels said.

Bannon got the idea for the guide after reading the book "Amelia's School Survival Guide" by Marissa Moss.

Some of the sage advice Bannon offers:

"Do not lay down in the meeting area. Trust me, I have tried and it's not as comfortable as it looks."

"Pick your groups wisely because there's no turning back once you get a paper."

Then there's Bannon's personal favorite: "Look good on picture day or it's not going to look good as a magnet on your refrigerator."

Judging by the pictures on his family's refrigerator, Bannon has always taken that tip seriously.

Due to sharing his honest advice, Bannon is now the talk of the school among both the students and staff.

"My friends and my teachers have just been talking about it," Bannon said. "Mostly my teachers though. They want their names to be in it."

Bannon says he hopes his guide will get him to meet an NBA player, like Carmelo Anthony. But his mother says there's a better chance of him ending up on Ellen.

"I feel so overwhelmed. I feel like his agent now," Barvels said. "Constantly getting asked, 'can we put it here, can we put it there?'"

Either way, thanks to the attention Chris says, "for once, school is fun."

Which means he's following his own No. 1 tip for surviving third grade: "Have fun."

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