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Matilda the Musical’s Bryce Ryness takes us through the Miss Trunchbull transformation

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She's revolting, she's rude and she;s remorseless.

"I think she is one of the greatest villains that exist in Broadway theatre right now,” Bryce Ryness said.

She;s the evil headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, from the musical Matilda, played by Bryce Ryness.

“I actually had questions at the beginning to Matthew, the director, like why does it have to be a guy?" he remembered. "He said, essentially it’s just the physicality of the role.”

He's taking over the role on Broadway after months on the show's tour. He will be the last one before the production closes in January.

“It means I get to have fun, knowing that there’s an end date," he explained. "We run, run, run as hard as we can until January 1st then we all go on to the next project.”

The transformation is no easy task, Bryce took us through the process.

"First, I use this gel to get my hair all sticky," he showed us.

After he preps his hair, it's time for those nasty teeth.

"It's very important that you get the teeth dry,” he said. “This is the stuff, it's brown and flavored like nicotine."

Next is the wig.

“When the wig is set I begin with the base glueing process," Ryness said. "It's weird because it never fully dries, it's just this goopy feeling the whole time."

The glue helps everything stay in place during all the stunts.

“I’ll take my cute little wart and glue right here on my nose,” he smiled. "I even go the extra step and accentuate the moles i already have on my face."

Now onto the makeup.

“We put on this lovely shade basically to make me look as pasty and gross as possible,” he said as he covered his face in foundation. “She walks a fine line as a character between being a total disaster and being someone who’s actually terrifying.”

He creates baggy eyes, pronounced age lines and a glorious uni-brow to round out the look.

“This final one is just like that puts it over, you take this stifling brush and then give her like burst capillaries,” he showed us. "And that’s the basics to the makeup!”

Then with a little help, the costume goes on.

“And just like that, the Trunchbull!" he hilariously said in his character's voice.

Matilda is currently playing at the Schubert Theatre through January 1st.


Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi

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