Regulation proposed for ‘out of control’ dollar vans after fatal hit-and-run in Brooklyn

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MARINE PARK, Brooklyn -- A fatal hit-and-run just outside the Kings Plaza mall captured headlines back in August.

Witnesses say the driver of an illegal commuter van, commonly called a dollar van, hit a husband and wife then took off.

"It is amazing that we don't have more pedestrian and accidents with these vans. It's only by the grace of God that we don't," said Sen. Marty Golden.

Since the hit-and-run the Department of Transportation, NYPD, and Taxi and Limousine Commission have decided to crack down on dollar vans, issuing more than 120 summonses in the last 28 days.

"If the summonses and the attention that's going presently on these vehicles is not enough, I'm going to suggest and work with the Mayor's office to make sure we get them off of Flatbush and Avenue U," said Sen. Golden who helped spearhead the campaign.

Police found the van involved in the August crash, but the driver remains on the loose. The DOT and TLC has 55 companies operating more than 700 commuter vans legally throughout the city. But there's no telling how many are operating without a license.

"The dollar vans are out of control," said Golden. "They're legal, illegal, and there's not a couple of them. We're talking about 400-500 of them that are coming into Flatbush and Avenue U throughout the course of a day."

Which is why Senator Golden is fighting for a law that would allow police to confiscate any of the vans that are operating illegally.

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