Have adult acne? There’s an app for that

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NEW YORK — Think it’s okay to just let an acne outbreak run its course? It could mean lifelong scars. But now help is as easy as an App on your phone. So skip the pricey dermatologist and go for a diagnosis with your next selfie.

It’s what Joscelyne Schroeder did after dealing with acne even though she’s 30.

“Since I was 14 I had it. I thought it would go away as a teenager.  And now I’m 30 and it’s still going,” she laments.

But then by clicking on her latest find, MD Acne, she gets a diagnosis, and a bevy of products to choose from, either at drugstore or more luxury brands.  It ensures she won’t have to break the bank to bust her breakouts, says Joscelyne.

“It’s confusing as to what is out there in products, and this is really helpful.”

Dr. Judy Hellman treats not only patients with active breakouts, but those who suffer with the after effects: significant, permanent scarring.

“My heart breaks for these patients. Especially young people.  It’s really psychologically damaging to their social life, romantic life, and later their professional life.”

She uses pricey lasers, like the Fractora, to smooth the skin, but it can take multiple treatments that cost $500 and up.

The better route according to Hellman: clear the pimples before they have a chance to leave their mark.

She even prescribes using the app in between visits.

“It means they don’t have to see me every month.  They don’t need a prescription medicine.  Lots of over the counter topicals work well, but you have to know which are right for you.  MD Acne takes the guess work out of treating your skin.”

And considering 95 percent of us have to deal with acne at some point in our lives, it’s good to have this ounce of prevention.

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