NYPD yet to officially open investigation into accusation Weiner sexted with minor

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NEW YORK – The NYPD has not officially opened an investigation into Anthony Weiner, but the department is discussing the allegations made by a 15-year-old girl in the Daily Mail.

"My initial reaction was whether or not the federal government would get involved," said Royce Russell, a former federal prosecutor who has defended clients in digital child porn cases.

Russell spoke with PIX 11 News after he first read the Daily Mail report where a teen alleges former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner of carrying on a sexting relationship.

The teen claims that via Skype conversations Weiner discussed with her "rape fantasies", asked her to undress as well as pleasure herself and even shared pornographic videos.

Russell says the latter is the most serious allegation, "I think sharing a pornographic video is the most damaging, although I must say they all equally hold a tremendous amount of weight because it goes into intent, it goes into the exploitation and then it goes into the inference of the act to exploit."

The teen says she met Weiner online in January.  The sexting ramped up quickly and claims the married Weiner sent nude photos of himself via a messaging app that deletes messages almost instantaneously.

Russell says there appears to be a potential violation of the Federal "Protect Act" established in 2003.   Russell also adds the Feds, as a result of Weiner's past and the seriousness of the allegations, will likely investigate in a sector of crime they have produced much success at exposing.

"The government always finds a way, between washing a computer and looking at certain codes as to when things were transported or transferred from one computer to another," Russell said. "Although they may not capture the image, they may capture the frequency from which one is communicating and use that in conjunction with any image or any language that they have captured before that gives the inference or the illusion that someone is acting illegally."

As for Weiner?  He does not deny knowing the girl and has acknowledged some digital communication but says he did nothing inappropriate.

Weiner even released an email allegedly from the teen claiming it was a hoax.

Five years ago Weiner resigned from Congress as a result of his first sexting scandal. During his mayoral bid, Weiner got entangled with another scandal, leading to him to drop from the race.